Vince & Larry Costume Check-out Form

Guidelines for the Costume

  1. Arrange for persons to wear the costume and provide time for their training and rehearsal.
  2. Schedule their appearances at local schools, businesses, public buildings or special events.

Requirements for the Costume

  1. The Vince & Larry Costume must be cleaned according to the attached instructions.
  2. The Vince & Larry Costume must be returned in good condition and with all of their parts as follows:
    1. One head.
    2. One jumpsuit.
    3. One set of white gloves.
    4. Handbook
  3. The Larry Costume must be returned to either the DCCCA, Inc./SAFE Office or to the next individual/organization requesting it, as indicated on the loan agreement.
  4. Return the Larry Costume by certified parcel service, i.e., Federal Express, UPS, etc. Insure the contents for the replacement value of $400.
  5. The individual/organization named on this loan agreement is responsible for damage to and/or loss of the contents. While the contents are in your possession, it is recommended that they are insured for their replacement value of $1,000.
  6. Items 3, 4 and 5 are expenses that, if applicable, will be the responsibility of the individual/organization named on this loan agreement.

Check out length is one week unless other arrangements have been made with DCCCA, Inc./SAFE Office.

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